#noname is born

If you read my previous story, you’ll know my original side of the health care debate. If you read my friend Danielle’s, you’ll know her’s:

I read your story and you are probably one of the lucky few that was able to participate in those programs. I on the other hand can not get coverage because of a few measley cancer cells. I can not get medicaid or state funded insurance because it costs over $300 a month. I can not go back to my doctor to get the tests needed to make sure I am still cancer free or to make sure the cyst in my body is not growing. Between temping and serving I often work more than 12 hours a day. A majoirty of my credit card debt is due to medical bills. My doctor’s office refuses to allow my doctor to treat me because of outstanding bills for tests and procedures I had absolutely no say in. In Germany they make sure every single person receives preventative care and everyone takes part in staying healthy. I would gladly move there. So after hearing your story I think you are lucky but I also think you are an exception to the rule.
I thought about it for a minute. Then my response came through me like I had known it all my life:

After reading your message, well, I was surprised at first. I thought about and I’ve decided we’re both right. I want to help start something that will hopefully swallow that which stands in the way of the right thing being done. I want to add people with heart, one by one, until we are unstoppable. I will need the help of everyone I’ve ever known and lots of people I’ve never heard of.

I want to publish your response next to my story in whatever way you see fit. You can ask me to include your name or not. Contact info or not. You can help me get the word out or you can ask me to forget the whole thing. We are facing a grave time and we cannot rely on “leaders” to fix things. We will have to fix things and we will have to work our asses off to do it.

I think people of every political persuasion need to come together and solve the problems we’re facing. There are too many standing in our way for us to hope it will just happen. Your need is as dire as mine was before my son was born. I want this world to be a place I can pass on to him without regret. I know I need to do a lot more talking and a lot more listening. I never really felt like I connected with you when we actually saw each other. Funny how that works. If I want my son to welcome this world, I have a duty to make sure that it helps you. I will not stop. Find your friends who feel the same way and we will be heard.

I will not stop. This is not something I can forget. I hope you would agree that we can do this and for no other reason than we must.

Your friend,
Ronald D. Dickerhoof Jr.

#noname is what we’ll be using to get people together on Twitter with the intended date of September the 11th for a sort of summit. It’s noname because every one of us with heart who wants to be can claim it as their own. We will show our heart and we will envelop that which divides us with consensus and action. Noname will be on Facebook and in emails and in every nook and cranny of society if we work at it. This is our wake-up call and I hope you accept. We don’t have to agree and we will.

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