Helping out the White House thought police

Some of you may be aware that the White House has put up a site which talks a bit about campaigns to spread “disinformation” about health care reform. They list an email address on the site and ask us all to report those who are spreading such “disinformation” by forwarding emails etc.

I have decided it is my patriotic duty to report myself, my letter follows:

To whom it may concern,
I think I will make it easy for you and let you know what I’ve been telling people and emailing:
  • I have said that if a perfect health care system were available, we could pass a federal law making that our national policy and the administration/congress would find a way to screw that up.
  • I have said that administrative issues running a $1 billion program demonstrate the danger of giving the same people control over a $1.6 trillion dollar program.
  • I have said that the lack of any form of medical malpractice reform in the legislation is evidence that the bill has been shaped with the help of trial lawyer lobbies who stand to benefit even more if current bills are passed.
  • I have told many people in many ways that we need to bypass Washington DC and write a bill that our “representatives” should back. I tell them that is because it is much harder for special interests to buy 300 million people than a couple of hundred politicians.
  • I have told them that current bills must lead to rationing, end-of-life pressure on seniors, and access to abortion funding without accountability. I say this is simply a supply-and-demand calculation
  • I have told people that, at least the House Resolution 3200, will enshrine “greedy executives” as permanent position holders in a corporatist monopoly and that the bill actually has provisions to prevent a challenge of this.
  • I emphasize perhaps most of all that any government that asks citizens to report other citizens’ speech is not to be trusted with matters so important as decisions that must remain between a patient and their doctor.
If any of this is seditious and or illegal, my name will lead you straight to me. I’ll have media and patriot volunteers there, as well, so you can round up a number of us “traitors” at the same time.
A loyal patriot,
Ron Dickerhoof Jr.
NOTE: copypasta is explicitly allowed.

21 Responses to Helping out the White House thought police

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  2. Dan says:

    Great idea. I went the other way and reported someone who’s been lying about healthcare. He keeps telling people we can cover more people for less money! That’s a lie! (

    I think we should keep reporting our sins (and his) until the WH computers fill up.

  3. LouisaMa says:

    Oh this is just too insane … Ron Dickerhoof Jr. I’m with you.

    Louisa de la Mantra

  4. RayZorback says:

    I just wanted to post the people I have reported so far so that we don’t overlap:

    #1. Dr. Arthur Laffer and his report: (I attached the full PDF for their review)
    #2. against bill due to single payer being off the table
    #3. same as above
    #4. “Twitter”: website that apparently allows hundreds of thousands of people to post comments against the health care bill
    #5. “Facebook”: same as above

    looking up more and more. have fun!

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  6. Barb_NC says:

    I’m with you and already reported myself! LOL We need to let them know we are NOT AFRAID of them!

    DO IT folks! We can shut this down NOW!

  7. Antaia says:

    the black choppers have been dispatched for you as well, Comrade

  8. Nikki says:

    I am laughing my butter off!!!!!!!!! Go y’all go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dave-O says:

    You forgot to close your letter with the salutation:

    Heil Fuhrer!!!

  10. Erica Coyle says:

    Call me when they show up, I want my mug shot to look great!!

  11. Blu says:

    Sent my reply starting with the Liar in Chief at 1600, Barney Frank, Chucky Schumer and then to save myself the trouble just told them to look in the committee rooms and at the town hall meetings around the country with all those people reading off the Pelosi Memo.

  12. mainenowandthen says:

    Nicely done, with a generous helping of common sense.

    Hopefully there will be a lot of people asking their vacationing Congressional representatives questions about the “health care crisis” during the month of August. Of course they most likely will not find many answers simply because very few members of Congress have read much of (if any) of the proposed legislation.

    Free speech is the greatest safeguard that the American people have. Too bad that it is not (in too many cases) enhanced by a search dedicated to finding the truth behind the politician’s favorite tool of obfuscation.

    Look for growing attacks on this basic right as the Obama thugs become increasingly anxious over growing public discontent.

  13. jcwebb says:

    Great thoughts…this is a joke. I have already sent the White House two emails quoting them and telling them how fishy their comments were…let’s get active and awake people!

  14. oldsalt1942 says:

    Conservatives…what a joke. You need to be reminded that in 1776 the conservatives of that time were known as TORIES! If the conservatives then had had their way we’d still be saving God Save the Queen. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING beneficial to the advancement of mankind and civilization ever came from conservative actions.

    • rdickerhoof says:

      Here we have a clear case where liberty is under attack regardless of its color or name. Instead of engaging and questioning Washington’s Chicago-style thuggery, you want to have a general discussion about philosophical semantics. You are part of the reason we have sunk this far so you’re ridiculous nature may not go unquestioned.

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  16. JC Houlihan says:

    Well, even a liberal can get the gist of this. I also “turned myself in.” Here’s what I sent. And good on to all of you doing this!!!

    Subject: I decided to turn myelf in: a liberal who disagrees with you on health care!!!
    Date: Aug 5, 2009 1:20 PM

    I am posting the following message on as many sites as I can manage in my “spare” time. I am APPALLED at your attitude toward these protests!!!! Appalled. On the web — just so you can be sure to send the thought police after me — I use the name JC Houlihan. And by the way, Kathleen Sebelius is thoroughly obnoxious. You would think that my overly therapized liberal cohorts could manage to hear concerns — however angry — and actually address them, actually manage to be responsive instead of condescending.

    “I am a registered Democrat; a writer; a graduate of a liberal northeast college. I deeply deeply resent the characterization of town hall protests as “astroturf,” or even as “anti-reform.” These people strike me as a diverse group (some whacky, some not, most sincere). Why should the protests of conservatives be any less valid than those of liberals? (some whacky, some not, most sincere) I have stood on many liberal protest lines (I have been “loud and shrill”) – including protesting the treatment of Anita Hill by conservative Senators. The town hall protests are not even necessarily “anti-reform,” as it is now being spun. They are, however, certainly anti THIS reform and anti rushing through these monolithic bills that few have read and even less understand. These protestors are fearful, as they should be, of the unintended consequences of this type of hubristic, overly ambitious undertaking. All Americans feel tenuous about their futures right now; it looks as though my fellow Democrats are recklessly — recklessly — adding unfathomable levels of change to an already turbulent economic landscape. The town halls that Sebelius and the rest of the Democrats are running are being shouted down because they (Sebelius et al) aren’t attending them in good faith: they are going to them with “talking points” and spin. These are protests, because our representatives are not conducting listening sessions. This is not about “finding out what the voters think”; it’s about selling an agenda. Americans are sick of being sold agendas by Democrats or Republicans. JC Houlihan”

  17. If they only want reports about people who are lying about health care reform, shouldn’t I report: Linda Douglass???? Robert Gibbs? Rachel Maddow (if anyone cared, anyways)? Nancy Pelosi? Kathleen Sebelius?

    Those guys have been out there lying their @sses off about the whole healthcare thing by telling people that this isn’t going to raise costs and that it won’t cause people with insurance today to lose that insurance to a gigantic gov bureacracy which is designed to squeeze out private competition.

    Some socialist point out that FedEx and UPS compete against the U.S. Postal Service. And then I point out that neither FedEx nor UPS attempt to delivery letters for 43 cents because they aren’t getting subsidized by the Fed Gov. And in the smallest part of the market – fast delivery / package delivery – FedEx and UPS kick the living crap out of the USPS because nobody trusts that the Gov run system will actually deliver their vital package on time.

    But, by all means, let that same system take out your appendix as soon as they can get around to it. And be sure that any private company is competitatively prevented by being even available to remove your ruptured appendix in the 4-6 or so hours you need to have it done before you die.

    Nobody hates FedEx or UPS (except for Teamster Bosses) but pretty much all Americans think the USPS is a bunch of slacker, bureaucratic distaster with people ready to pull out an AK-47 and ‘Go Postal’. Funny how nobody at UPS or FedEx ever feels like killing their co-workers (with the exception of that UPS strike in the 90s when Teamsters fired at ‘scab’ drivers still working to do their jobs).

    But hey, let’s bring in those Pakistani and Indian and Indonesia doctors to fill all the necessary spots to make this government experiment even remotely possible (those foreigner will work for less than a union nursing salary – another detail which will have to be adjusted because nurses can’t be making that much if healthcare if gonna be ‘free’ to so many). If you’ve never had a third world physician, this will be a special treat. Fortunately, most medical language is based in Greek and Latin formulation so you’ll eventually being able to agree on what it is they are trying to tell you that you are dying from.

    Possibly, a translation guide will be necessary or maybe everything will be need to be in writing so you’ll be able to understand what it is that you are diagnosed with and are waiting to be treated for. (Don’t use, it will only cause you to panic about how long you have to live. Too depressing, and the drugs for depression also will have a long wait because they are super, super expensive).

  18. crowep says:

    Can we report Obama? I think he has been spreading some disinformation.

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