I have been paid for my dissent

Some who gladly align themselves with the coarser elements of the state have been circulating a rumor through their friends in the media and those who will not so much as question a pronouncement from on high in Washington. They say that we who protest the actions of a runaway congress, a President who encourages us to snitch on our fellow Americans, or the emerging corporatist monopoly that threatens our basic liberties do so because we have been paid to do so. I concur. Here are some of the special interests that have fueled my dissent:

  • My parents paid for my dissent. They worked for everything they ever had in life and they passed most of it on to me. They’re still alive and they should know I appreciate it more than I could ever say.
  • Those who fought in the deserts, jungles, beaches of the Pacific, and city-dotted landscapes of Europe bought my dissent. Without them, such dissent would be impossible. Today, still more of the best America has to offer are paying daily for my dissent. Their currency is sweat, courage, and God forbid it, but too often blood. I cannot repay my debt to them.
  • Entrepreneurs have paid for my dissent. From household names like Edison to drug companies whose generosity saved my son’s life, I’ve received those payments well in advance for the dissent I owe them now.
  • My dissent is being paid for through the inspiration of friends and compatriots who stand with me in a grand effort to educate this nation about the dangers it faces if we are not vigilant and persistent in our dissent.
  • My dissent is paid for by the civil discourse that is offered by some who would disagree with me. They stand on opposite sides of a politcal divide but are quick to offer support and champion the liberty we fight for together. My dissent repays them by honoring their dissent with careful and reasoned discussion. Were it not for them, dissent would not be a currency with which I could repay my debts.
  • My brother has paid for my dissent. He has in so many ways given me a way to reflect on what is honest and worth fighting for. He has given me the confidence to speak with the voice I do. I am ever in his debt (and no less so because he is my landlord 🙂 I seek to repay him for lending my voice to his beliefs.
  • My children have paid for my dissent by giving me a reason to fight for a world that I will not regret giving them. I will fight to make sure they are not paying off the debts of those who are drunk on the wealth of others and who seek to chain them to a monster they did nothing to create.
  • My boss pays for my dissent. Quite frequently she pays for it directly for having to oversee a loud-mouthed, rule breaking, know-it-all who can’t turn in a timecard on time. I’m sure she’ll see this and start collecting.

If you are reading this, you are likely to have paid me for my dissent. I thank you for your support and regret that my repayment has been too long in coming.


11 Responses to I have been paid for my dissent

  1. Jenny says:

    All of the above. May I also add, The Lord Jesus Christ Himself paid for my dissent by ordaining the forming of this great nation, and by guiding the thoughts and pens of our noble founding fathers to create a land that was based ENTIRELY on Christian principles.

    This same Almighty God, Who was and is and always shall be, Who knew my name in eternity past, Who saved me by His grace and the blood of His precious Son when I was fourteen years old, Who has kept me by His power all these years and Who “will keep me till the river rolls its waters at my feet,” Who knows the number of hairs on my head this moment, Who has written down for me a new name in glory, Who knows when I will take my last breath on this Earth and Who is poised to take my soul home to Heaven at that precise juncture, and Who is returning again for His saints at a day and time predetermined, paid for my dissent by creating me a free agent with a heart and mind equipped to make wise decisions.

    I choose, though it mean my very life, to fight for the freedoms bought for me by great patriots with their lifeblood, sacrificing all their joys in this world, so that my grandchildren may know the priceless liberty I have enjoyed for my entire life.

  2. Erica Coyle says:

    You get a free pass from me, just keep talking!!!

  3. Antaia says:

    *HUG* I am so tickled to know you and I concur – they paid for me too! YAY! you made me tear up 🙂

  4. Caseli says:

    Obama, a community organizer knows all about dissent. He encouraged it in his Chicago communities, black power posters and all. Now this same organizer, who during the campaign told his followers to talk boldy to those who disagree and “get in their face”, is saying that dissent is not available to outsiders like us. Sounds to me like he really was listening to the so-called “reverend” White for all those years.

  5. Mark says:

    Good article, Thank you!

    I’d like to add one thing that I think you forgot… Our founders! They fought a bloody revolution to give us this Republic and the freedom that we have so often taken for granted.

    Now, it is incumbent on us to preserve it!

  6. KatyinIndy says:

    Just another rabid right-wing extremist here who has also been paid for my dissent. However, my pay has come from physicians, hospitals, health clinics and health insurance companies.

    I’ve had the privilege to work with extremely talented physicians at inner city health clinics. These physicians worked for 1/3 what they could earn in private practice so poor patients can have health care. There is also a pharmacy that dispenses medications. The care is based on ability to pay. Needless to say, if you have no money, there is NO CHARGE. None of this health care is financed by taxpayer dollars. The money is donated by Foundations from hospitals, pharmacy and health insurance companies. There is also a large motorcycle gang, who rides every year to raise money for these clinics.

    I’ve seen these physicians take care of the patient and then take out a wrench and tighten up the wheel on a wheelchair before the patient left the office.

    I have also worked with surgeons who provide free surgeries for those unable to pay. These surgeons also sat every December writing checks to The Salvation Army, Children’s charities, Goodwill, etc. and these checks were not small amounts – these checks were in the $20,000 to $25,000 apiece range!

    I’ve worked in hospitals, who calculate in their budgets 40% (or more) of their income to provide “indigent care” to those unable to pay.

    I have also lost two personal physicians in the past few years. One decided to retire – she could not afford to keep her office open due to declining Medicare and Medicaid payments.

    The other physician had the same problem trying to get reimbursements from the Government and had to go to work for Conseco as their company doctor. This physician I knew from childhood – she was my childhood doctor’s nurse. They later married, but he died a few year’s later. She put herself through medical school and continued his practice.

    I currently work for one of the largest health insurance companies in America and one of their largest programs is to find and provide ways to insure the uninsured.

    Also in Indianapolis, we have America’s oldest pharmaceutical manufacturer, Eli Lilly & Company. The Lilly Foundation donates millions of dollars every year for programs across the country as well as Indiana. A recent program they funded was to pay home heating bills for people unable to pay them. Lilly as well as other pharmaceutical companies also provide medicines for free for anyone unable to pay for them.

    From what I have seen over the past 20 years is a healthcare system that is the best in the world!

    These progressive Democrats do not care about Americans or their healthcare; they care only about their aristocratic elitism and gaining more power & control over the American people to decide who lives & who dies here in the United States. None of them have ANY value for human life!

  7. machoman says:

    thank you! I really liked this post!

  8. teinby says:

    thank you! I really liked this post!

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