Stand up and speak your mind at protests and town halls but when they lie to your face and attack us, turn in silence.

UPDATE: Zogby and Rasmussen were on Hannity today. The violence is hurting our message, not because it’s our fault, but because the media has set a trap for us. Starve them of the fuel of their hate. Read on…

This is a simple idea. If those who wish to divide us and portray us an angry mob want videos of out of control protesters are looking for us to behave badly, we take a lesson from one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had: Martin Luther King Jr.

If you’re at a town hall meeting, let the people you go with know. At a given point in time, stand, and silently turn around. Remain standing regardless of the response. Let the enemies of liberty make fools of themselves.

If you’re at a tea party our outside a town hall and hooligans, regardless of who they say they represent, get angry and loud, turn your back in silence. Carry a sign and cover your mouth. Let them get in your face. Stare straight at them, cover your mouth, and hold your sign.

On twitter, use #turninsilence to coordinate. More information on circumventing the DDoS strategy when it’s available. Tell everyone you know. We will not be discredited.







6 Responses to #turninsilence

  1. Erica Coyle says:

    They cannot or will not silence me! Great post full of great ideas!!

  2. Kelly says:

    I do not wish to silence anyone! I wish for a decent respectful debate on the versions of the health care bills going through the congress. If people are going to scream and shout down others who only want to learn more and ask questions then that is NOT free speech that’s the hijacking of free speech. Everyone should take it upon themselves to READ the bills themselves. Don’t count on your talking head of choice to TELL you what to be afraid of and send you out to disrupt what should be the very PICTURE of democracy in action! Free speech does not equal free disruption of assembly! You have, we ALL have the right to come to town halls and speak our mind and ask questions. What we DONT have the right to do is disrupt and scream and INTIMIDATE and advocate LYNCHING of our fellow Americans!! Your “free speech” ends when it tramples on mine got it? I would be respectful of your right to speak, so as a grown up, you should be respectful of others’ rights to do the same. Please READ the bill versions!! Stop the fearmongering and realize that RIGHT NOW, the status quo is actively discriminating against people who are ill. Is that what you want? I’ve got mine so screw you? The public OPTION (do you all know what OPTION means? It means another CHOICE! Which also means you don’t HAVE to choose it!!!! So simple to me but…) would eliminate
    discrimination for those who have preexisting conditions! That is a good thing in my book!!!

    • rdickerhoof says:

      Kelly, you are a friend and a patriot. I ask your understanding as I proceed. The idea is to prevent harm from coming to any of us. This world is now a very dangerous one. My friends are being hurt.

  3. Jenny says:

    Kelly, you are screaming.

    And by the way, it is not so simple as you seem to think. Obama’s healthcare bill does not concern itself with the health of anyone as much as it does the control of everyone. We’d best not forget that.

    Demonstrating in a public way commensurate with your beliefs is still a right in this country. God knows the liberal groups utilize it enough, with full support of the media. Those of us who do not want to witness the destruction of freedoms in our lifetime or our children’s lifetimes, are not going to back down from this one.

    All the government will do by attempting to silence those who oppose these draconian healthcare measures is spur them on to more vigilance and more action.

  4. jcwebb says:

    Protest is what has made this country…it was ok during the Bush administration, it should be ok now. We have that right in the Constitution, period end of discussion. Now that we are disagreeing with Obama it is wrong? Get real.

    Plus, the government OPTION is a joke. How can private companies compete with something that does not have to balance its books or make a profit. It will drive them out of business and our level of care will plummet when doctors are making next to nothing. The government can not do anything well…

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