Mad-Dow Disease

For a while now, I’ve been tracking the spread of a new threat to our nation’s health. It’s called “Mad-Dow Disease.” It spreads in liberal circles but, to be fair, not the civil ones. People become susceptible to Mad-dow when they realize President Obama is not “Change we can believe in” or when the level of irrational stress they experience in the face of unrelenting facts turns into pure hatred of anyone they disagree with, weakening their immune system. There are a few obvious symptoms that can help you diagnose Mad-Dow Disease. Be carefule when around it and be prepared:

  • Infected liberals are incapable of civil discourse.
  • The infected are characterized by a need to use lewd sexual references in place of logical or empirical arguments.
  • Infected watch an inordinate amount of MSNBC and lose all ability to question facts.
  • The infected may believe a black man carrying a rifle is actually white and attempting to start a race war because we have a black president.
  • Mad-Dow sufferers will often claim they are tolerant but also believe this belief entitles them to engage in the use of racist/sexist/homophobic slurs.
  • Mad-Dow sufferers cannot be cured by the use of logic or empirical observations.
  • Mad-Dow infection causes a visible rash, redness and swelling of the face in the presence of people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, (The Great One) Mark Levin, and Akron’s own Matt Patrick.

Cures: listen to the people in that last list, read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and critically analyze the statements of the Obama administration. “Liberally” follow that up by not engaging sufferers in their hate-rants; the disease is apparently infectious. Bill Whittle explains more. Stay safe, Patriots!


One Response to Mad-Dow Disease

  1. Antaia says:

    Absolutely hysterical! Do you think govt healthcare will cover treatment?

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