Did Obama Lie to Joe Wilson?

For those of you wondering where the new “30 Million Americans who cannot get coverage” comes from, you’re probably also wondering where the number 47 million went. It has been thoroughly proven and documented that the “46 million” figure includes the undocumented. You could argue, and supporters of the Administration’s and Congress’s health care proposals certainly will, that 46 million minusabout 12 million illegals and change equalsl 30 million. Not so fast. I spent quite a bit of time telling people yesterday, it’s a bad day to be a Democratic President when the AP and NPR fact-check you and agree with Congressman Joe Wilson:

“OBAMA: “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”

THE FACTS: Obama time and again has referred to the number of uninsured as 46 million, a figure based on year-old Census data. The new number is based on an analysis by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, which concluded that about two-thirds of Americans without insurance are poor or near poor. “These individuals are less likely to be offered employer-sponsored coverage or to be able to afford to purchase their own coverage,” the report said. By using the new figure, Obama avoids criticism that he is including individuals, particularly healthy young people, who choose not to obtain health insurance.”

So 30 million is simply 2/3 of 46 million. That’s 2/3 of legal residents without insurance, 2/3 of illegal residents without insurance, or 2/3 of guys who play Santa Claus around the holidays who don’t have health insurance. Any way you cut it, Joe Wilson was right.


2 Responses to Did Obama Lie to Joe Wilson?

  1. jcwebb says:

    Thanks for your post…good stuff!

  2. D. Schroeder says:

    8 statements pertaining to Health Care discussion on
    C-Span. Obama does not answer any questions pertain-
    ing to his previous promises in that area. What does
    any right minded person list that behavior under???

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