The Fractal Conspiracy

The title of this post may be a bit confusing. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am accepting the term because I have a pretty good feeling that I’ll be dismissed as such by those who disagree with me. C’est la vi. These are my observations and I feel like sharing them. The “fractal” part is honest. For those who aren’t familiar, a fractal is a mathematical representation of an infinitely repeating pattern which is often represented visually. A lot of people are familiar with fractals as geeky art but not the theory underneath. It’s spontaneous order emerging from chaos. So, I guess the sum total of the title is “a conspiracy that arises from a commonly held set of beliefs and is expressed in more complex ideas simply by its nature.”

Or, maybe you want the juicy part – the simple version of the theory: A loosely connected and amorphous group of individuals motivated primarily by greed is repeating a pattern of moving from one economy to another and draining each of its wealth before it moves on to the next. This group does not require central leadership or control and may even exist as a purely psychological phenomenon.

Genesis: The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States seemed too easy to me. How was an avowed leftist radical ultimately the best-financed candidate for the Presidency in United States history? How was an inexperienced college professor and agitator elevated so quickly to the highest seat of power in the American government? The answer had to be simple and it had to make sense. I engaged Obama supporters in dialogue, I researched everything I could find with as open a mind as I am capable of keeping, and I refused to believe that those who disagree with me were motivated by evil. I must admit that I once thought like those who call themselves “liberals” and progressive.”

I developed a simple set of rules based on what I read:

  1. If you know the names of the key players, any conspiracy theory is most likely false
  2. If you know the name of a group that originates a conspiracy, the theory that involves them is most likely false – Any conspiracy theory that seems to advantage two opposing groups is most likely a diversion
  3. If there is a global conspiracy of a power elite, they are most likely engaged in spreading disinformation about their plans and this most certainly includes “leaked” information about other conspiracies, even if those are part of their own larger plans
  4. A true conspiracy is most likely one that does not require a central plan or planners because, if it is successful, it will spread according to system dynamics in culture
  5. A true conspiracy that has a long history must also have a long history of success and will therefore by observable.

In doing so, I discounted just about every conspiracy theory I found. This was informative, nonetheless, because the sum total of these different theories revealed a pattern. That pattern is empirically observable, relies only on understandable (if misguided) motives, and serves as a basis for the incomplete narrative conspiracies that surround it. In a fractal, all subsets of data must resemble the whole and I believe I have an explanation that fits that bill. I’ll try and explain as much of possible in the next few days and this is by no means my last post on the subject. I need information and lots of it. At its core, this theory is beautiful because it’s simple but it will not crystallize until you see enough of the pattern for you to get it yourself.

Wow, look at all that vague rambling! Just to prove I have something up my sleeve, though, I want to give you the teaser headline for the next few posts: “Fractal Opposition Technique” “Please Warn China” “How to Steal Everything – The Greatest Heist Ever” “Data Points of a Nameless Conspiracy” “Ending the Theft of History”


6 Responses to The Fractal Conspiracy

  1. tdardas says:

    All gov’t is theft to some degree. I look forward to reading more, but wonder what is your null hypothesis and where does the burden of proof reside for rejecting that hypothesis. Let’s say the null is that there isn’t a conspiracy going on. In order to reject the absence of a conspiracy, based on the above criteria, it sounds as though you plan to amass evidence against subversive, organized system by defining everything that may be a conspiracy and then looking for the shadow cast by the real group? Sounds tough.

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  6. Latisha Kim says:

    They are all “conspiracy theories” except for Armageddon which by the nature of the story will demand a separate category for itself “Prophecy”

    Are these groups gaining any credibility — holding their own — or losing credibility

    Project Bluebeam is a theory that conjectures the government will use 3 d holograms to project any number of things to gain control over the world in a staged take over — UFO’s Jesus etc etc

    Armageddon as told in Revelations along with the complimenting old testament passages

    2012 has millions of sub categories of thought as does the conjectured planet X or Nibiru

    Comet Elinin – Annunaki Univeral cylces of movement within a fractal universe and many others


    Gaining losing or more or less the same amount of complete dismal of such fringe thinking as there ever was ?

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