Fractal Opposition Technique

This is the second post in The Fractal Conspiracy series.

The biggest problem with just about every conspiracy theory that I’ve ever read is that they tend to assume some sort of end-game. In other words, whoever is doing the evil, according to the conspiracy theorist, has an ultimate objective; usually “world domination.” This presents a clear problem for the theorist. If you’re a “successful” conspiracy buff, it means your theory has made it out to the masses. If you’re on the right track and the masses know about it, chances are the people you’re trying to expose know all about you and your theory. That means all the evildoers have to do to discredit you is not to make their pursuit of the end-game obvious. Now you’re a loon, a kook, and a nut-job. Congratulations.

But what if a conspiracy didn’t revolve around a plot to rule the world or any goal that could be marked by a specific time or accomplishment? What if the defining characteristic of the conspiracy was a “begin-game?” The Fractal Conspiracy isn’t something you can easily put a finger on. There’s a well-known old saying that goes something like “to kill a snake, cut off its head.” If your begin-game was a snake with no head, you will have made the task of stopping your plan nigh impossible. That is the nature of what we who uphold the principle of liberty are faced with. Again, as with the introductory post, I urge you to step back a bit so that the pattern emerges. The Fractal Conspiracy is about being able to see how a simple pattern can be reflected in every part of conspiracy theories and that unnamed phenomenon, not a single iteration of it, is the truth.

Consider the primary technique of disinformation throughout history. You don’t need to find secret documents or names of top-level conspirators, but it’s plainly observable in the story of human conflict and it stretches back farther than even my ability to describe it. Let’s say you were part of the conspiracy and your goals were to put yourself in a position of power. I’ll explore the nature of power in a later post but, suffice it to say, the primary way to achieve the goal of power is to seize wealth. Creating wealth is difficult work and why bother when others are more than willing to do the work for you and you have a tried-and-true method for taking it from them. You need a distraction. If you can turn people against each other, they’ll barely notice you slipping through the back door while they’re busy guarding the castle gate.

The most obvious example of this in most of our collective memories is the conflict between the United States and the now (maybe) defunct Soviet Union. Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB defector, came to America and began spreading word that the real crux of the Soviet intelligence community wasn’t “James Bond” style espionage. Bezmenov said that 15% of KGB funds were spent on what we normally think of when we hear the word “spy.” 85% of the budget, he said, was for a program called “ideological subversion.” In other words, the KGB was most interested in brain-washing or converting “true believers” in the American press, government at all levels, and the education system. The goal was to indoctrinate an entire generation so that they turned on the principles of our republican/democratic/capitalist system. This was not because they wanted a willing populace ripe for a communist takeover. The goal was much simpler: to divide Americans against each other to make us weak. If you are not aware of the pattern, you might think those who help the dividers would rise to fill the power void. You’d be wrong. Bezmenov tells us that these “useful idiots” will be the first marked for extermination. There is a penalty for learning your part in The Fractal Conspiracy too quickly.

Lee Harvey Oswald, an avowed communist, killed John F. Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan, who killed Robert F. Kennedy, was obsessed with defeating the “Illuminati” and Bill Ayers dedicated a book to this like-minded killer. Fidel Castro had Che Guevera killed to continue his corruption unchallenged. The Bolsheviks ran Trotsky out of Russia because he would not submit to their darker plans. The dividers among us will divide amongst themselves and others have argued that they are divided even within their individual psyches.

Now take a step back. The Soviet Union is gone. Of course, another KGB defector named Anatoly Goyitsin and Former CIA Director of Counterintelligence James Angleton would argue that the “collapse” of the USSR was faked, but that is relatively unimportant to today’s discussion. This technique of turning a nation against itself from the outside is repeated over and over again and it happened to the Soviet Union just as it is happening to the United States, today. The rise and fall of powerful nations is so predictable as to appear scripted. Spain rose on the tide of its opposition to the Ottoman Empire. France rose as it opposed Spain. Britain became the most powerful empire in history because it defeated France. Britain’s decline made the United States the world’s superpower. At each step along the way, every world power had a foil that used the Fractal Opposition Technique to divide its people. The great irony is that the foil nation, the Soviet Union in our case, did not ultimately become the benefactor of their own hard work. Instead, it is China that stands to benefit from the internal chaos tearing at the fabric of America.

The Fractal Opposition Technique is an iteration of the pattern because its elements are clearly identified every time it is used. Those who seek to divide a people must emphasize the differences in their enemies and, in some cases, even help that process along through migrating populations. They will convince a people through both covert and overt communications that they are different from their neighbors. You’ve heard the arguments enough to know them before you even read the next bit. Rich are to be hated by the poor. Black must fight white, white must fight brown, black must make sure that brown doesn’t get theirs first, and so on and so on. Young must challenge old for control of the seats of power. After this message takes hold, those who become fearful of the “others” among them rush for control of the nation through political means and strengthen the power of central government making it easier for their enemies to do harm to them when the winds of fortune change. All the while, behind the curtain, The Fractal Conspiracy is nudging us along toward conflict.

Take one more step back. You will notice that The Fractal Conspiracy uses traditional conspiracy theories to keep us moving in this direction. Skull and Bones, Fabian Socialists, H.G. Wells’ open conspiracy “New World Order,” and other groups like the Free Masons are all very real. For years, conspiracy theorists have been trying to come up with a coherent theory that links these groups with seemingly different political ideologies, motives, and goals. The thing is, those groups are only part of the picture for a very simple and obvious reason: their purpose which they, most likely, do not understand is to oppose each other. Remember in my last post when I told you that if you know the name of a person or group, the theory about them is almost certainly false? Their existence is two-fold. First, they do have some power in shaping a limited agenda against those who oppose their ideology. Second, and more important, their purpose is to balance each other and breed enough fear in those unconnected folks who find them to be a threat. When you react in fear, you make bad decisions and you leave yourself open to that you do not see.

If you are a victim of The Fractal Opposition Technique, you will be staring out the front gate of the castle when the robber slips in through the back door.


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  3. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  4. Jared Bills says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to wrap my head around connecting Fractals with the idea of conspiracy for a while now. I’ve been delving in all sorts of topics, esoteric and not. Your outlook on the situation gives new light to what’s been picking my brain for quite a while. Can’t wait for more of your insight on this phenomenon! ^.^

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  6. walker says:

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