We the People Declare This Bill Void

We are currently witnessing the evolution of the patriots’ response to the “health care bill.” The question that seems to be raised is what the next step should be. To many, the answer is nullification by the States if the bill is not indefinitely delayed by court challenges. Both of these efforts need to press forward as it is imperative that this abomination not be forced on the American people.

There is another solution, though. We the People are the ultimate power in American governance. We give consent to govern to the States which have formed, under The Constitution for the United States, a federal government to serve in their disputes. We the People are at the top of the power structure envisioned by the founders and manifested in the charters of our country; The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. These documents were made possible by adherence to a common law process that was described by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the others who formed the Continental Congress which drafted the charters.

This process has been repeated and the product of that gathering will be made available on Christmas Eve, 12/24/2009. I’ll skip the extended history lesson and just give you the basic procedure:

  1. Leading up to the First and Second Continental Congresses, the people humbly petitioned the colonial government and the crown for the redress of grievances as was accepted common law practice. The last clause of the First Amendment enshrines that principle into our charters.

Over the last few decades, Bob Schulz, We the People Foundation, and others have been peacefully petitioning under this doctrine. Not only has the federal government and the Supreme Court ignored these petitions like the Crown did, they have ruled that the government has no responsibility to respond.

2. The first two Congresses were ultimately composed of representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies (92%) elected through common means to carry out the business of the people by giving credit to the petitions, formalizing support, and seeking peaceful resolutions by instructing the government on proper steps to restore lawful order.

The Third Continental Congress is composed of delegates from 48 of 50 States (96%) and held its first session in St. Charles, Illinois, in November of 2009. I represent the People of the State of Ohio. Its statement, a culmination of petitions and instructions to the Federal government, the several States, and the People, is called the “Articles of Freedom” and will be formally released, tomorrow.

3. The first two Continental Congresses were answered with repeated injuries and insults which lead ultimately to their final work products, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights. Before reaching that point, they had decided that the last peaceful remedy was to withhold financial support from the colonial government and impose “economic sanctions” as penalty for the Crown’s negligence of duty under common law.

The Third Continental Congress is recommending that continued injury will result in similar economic sanctions but we are also including an additional step. We seek the signatures of “a goodly number of millions” for a couple of reasons. First, the courts have adopted the practice of dismissing challenges to abuse of power for “lack of standing.” They argue that, because anyone has standing in some issues, essentially none of us do. Signers to the Articles of Freedom will stand together to rebuke that claim. Second, those who choose to impose “economic sanctions” on their own have every right to do so but even solid legal defenses for their actions do not keep them out of jail. The federal government does not respond well to such challenges. A few of us acting on our own is sure to result in our arrests. Fifteen million of us doing so together, on the other hand, will both cripple the tyrants and make our incarceration difficult, to say the least.

I need each of you to consider your signature and help in spreading this message. We need signatures. We need Americans, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, to hang together for we will surely all hang separately if we do not. Tomorrow, the Articles of Freedom will be available and digital signatures collected at this site:


The organization that brought Washington DC to a crawl must now be tasked with returning our servant government to its proper role. I will answer any question. This demands all of us. We the People may nullify “any law repugnant to The Constitution,” as well.


9 Responses to We the People Declare This Bill Void

  1. glen farrs says:

    this isn’t about healthcare..it is about socializing our great nation..it isn’t what they say it is..it is all lies..i don’t want..i don’t know anybody but the democrats that are trying to push it through ..if they have to have closed meetings and early morning voting..promising millions to senators states..doesn’t that sound like its not right? to me it does…KILL THE BILL

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  3. SeanR says:

    I can believe you all voted for this monstrocury when you know every entitlement program in the USA has been over budget. Shame on you for spending money we do not have. You will cause inflation. 1776 to 1915 the us dollar gained 16% in value. Since 1915 it has dropped 90% what does that tell you? It tells me that government entitlements have a direct negative impact on our currency. And it tells me that when you give people things tht they did not work for they will come to expect it and more.

    Sometimes the best way tp help people is to let then fail. By failing they will find another solution, like education or career change, or 2 jobs. Perpetual welfare only perpetuates poverty.

    Welfare should be for the old and decrepid, those unable to work. Not for someone with a sore back or a little depressed.

    Shrink government back to the size the founders wanted!

  4. Mr Payback says:

    The Executive office, Senate and House have become a corrupt, disfunctional and non representative body of self interest, un-democratic and lobbyist owned whores. The only solution is to return the power to the rightful owners: “We the People”. It is our duty to ensure individual and States rights above that of this hijacked Socialist Government. When our representatives refuse to represent its people and force its own will against this nation of citizens, then it no longer serves its intended purpose, and must be purged. We must return the government to the will of the people and restore our freedoms which have been taken from us. Our duty is clear and our resolve must be unwavering. Removal of these unworthy Senators and Representatives must be accomplished at the polls and sooner, by citizen referendum if so warranted.

  5. This is truly fantastic 🙂 Thanks for putting this online!!!

  6. I more often than not don’t leave comments!!! Trust me! On the other hand I enjoyed your blog site…especially this post! Would you mind terribly if I posted a backlink from my web site to your blog site?

  7. Ted Augustin says:

    Just browsing around and came upon your site. Very good post. Will be adding you to my RSS reader.

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