Pro-Choice Paranoia

Having just watched another pro-choice advocate crying foul on the CBS decision to air a commercial during the Super Bowl that features Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother having a conversation about her choice to carry the future college football star to term, I was struck by the consistent theme of what I can only call “paranoia.”

I’ll explain:

Last year, the same argument broke out when a Catholic group attempted to buy Super Bowl time to run an ad that told the story of President Obama’s mother’s pregnancy and her “choice” not to abort him. Similarly, the Tebow ad doesn’t mention any court cases or in any way make a claim as to the legal ramifications of the abortion status quo. Instead. both ads merely seem to advocate the idea that there are benefits to having a child rather than aborting it. The outcry, though, in both cases is that the organizations behind the ads and the messages themselves have the hidden agenda of overturning Roe vs. Wade and banning abortion, altogether.

The interesting point to me is that this message has to be extrapolated from the context of the pro-life/pro-choice divide. If there is no mention of the courts, no condemnation of those who perform or request abortions, and no call for funding of pro-life initiatives, the outcry has to be based on the idea that there is a hidden agenda. I’m not a trained psychologist but this reminds me of two things. First, it is paranoia to display a consistent pattern of believing there is a hidden threat behind actions of others that have no prima facie message to that effect. Second, it looks like projection if pro-choice advocates are constantly claiming that there is an ulterior motive to simply presenting an advocacy of choosing life within the current legal framework.

If I were a paid advocate for a cause (pro-choice) and an industry (abortion) that received most of its early government support toward the purpose of eliminating “undesirable” minority populations through voluntary genocide, yeah, I’d maybe be worried that others were covering their true objectives.


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