Civil War 2.0

I’m by no means the only person calling the current state of affairs in the United States a “civil war.” It is somewhat ironic that Barack Obama, a Senator from Illinois who claimed the mantle of Lincoln, would be the President to preside over a breakdown of the Union in such dramatic fashion. God willing, this will not become a shooting war but there is no other explanation for a federal government which has driven 39 states to pledge opposition to its policies and 15, as of this writing, are fighting in a joint suit filed with the Supreme Court. For those who do not take this seriously, consider that the next step beyond the court would pit the federal government against states and ask the question to what extremes would national authorities go to enforce unpopular laws on citizens? Will we see troops ordered into Idaho, Virginia, Texas, or any other state who answers the calls of its residents to refuse to submit them to overreaching central authority?

There are to simultaneous goals at work in the force to centralize and socialize the American economy. The first is the ideological and academic notion that all people are entitled to equal outcomes of wealth. This ridiculous notion has volumes committed to its critique but suffice it to say that any scheme which has sought to implement the philosophy of “social justice” has invariably injured the very people to whom it has promised the most. Yes, the rich get poorer in these systems but, alas, the poor do as well. There is no counterexample that can be given for any period greater than the socialists’ ability to borrow money to continue the illusion of their utopia.

The second goal is as disingenuous and evil as any plot of the fascist or communist and that is perhaps best described as the “Cloward-Piven strategy.” The duo were Columbia University professors who wrote in a 1966 paper about the idea of overwhelming the welfare mechanisms of a social democracy to bring about economic collapse, followed by social chaos, and ultimately conditions that would allow for a true leftist counter-revolution. This “secondary goal” has become part of the discourse on modern American politics precisely because it is becoming increasingly likely that is in practice by liberal politicians in high positions of power. In short, it is morally bankrupt because it would trade real suffering for an ideological victory. There are few more crystalline examples of “the ends justify the means” than contributing to violent conflict in hopes that it will lead to socialist government. If that same philosophy was at work in Weimar Germany, the proponents may well have received just the socialists they earned.

I have a new proposal, though. I, like Moody’s credit rating service, believe that it may already be too late to turn back the tide of the Cloward-Piven decay. Moody’s published a paper last week which suggested that the United States’ credit rating would be downgraded unless cuts in spending were made which “would test social cohesion.” In other words, entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, welfare, and the new national health care plan would have to see massive cuts that would force the dependent of this nation to revolt. The alternative is to keep spending, eventually leading to a debt crisis which would trigger a loss of borrowing credit and economic collapse, which also would tend to “test social cohesion.” If it is inevitable, then let it be. The collapse of the dollar being the logical end of this, it is better than it happens now before globalists and liberals can create enough propaganda to make a global currency popular. If it happens now, the resulting unrest could very well result in a return to the principles of Liberty and limited government. Why are we spending so much time trying to avoid the collapse of the (ahem…unconstitutional) Federal Reserve note when that plays into the hands of those who are our ultimate enemies? Why do large central banks and wealthy financiers like George Soros back socialists and social democrats? It is because their slow slide into mediocrity requires borrowing to delay the eventual result of a public who finds their promises broken. Of course, the co-conspirators would love nothing more than if socialist Chinese and American regimes centralized the borrowing and did in with a global fiat currency under their control.

So what to do? I started out this blog looking for a common sense approach to health care reform. I have since reached the obvious conclusion that such was never the intent of the liberal elites and their money changers so I’m calling them out. There is still need for solutions, though, and here is what I have.

  1. Accept that Cloward-Piven economics have run their course and that we are too far in the process to save the dollar as we know it. We have two logical alternatives – a global currency or a return to metal standards and other “honest money” and I think you know I want the latter.
  2. Large banks are both complicit in the socialist takeover of America and “single points of failure” that allow for manufactured economic “crises” that are used to sell centralized control. Take your money out of large banks and put it into local operations or credit unions.
  3. Begin converting some of your money to a diversified cache of precious metals. Even if circumstances will lead you to accept a global currency, trade-in rates for precious metals are likely to be far better than a devalued and dying fiat dollar.
  4. If you have to ask, you are not prepared to fight the IRS in court. There are ways to oppose it, though, which are entirely legal. Efforts like the Third Continental Congress ( seek to provide a legal method in historical context for a nationwide coordinated tax protest. Filling out W-4 forms as “exempt” also gives you an opportunity to starve the beast while potentially earning interest on what you keep during the year, even if you were to have to pay it at the end of the year. Payroll contributions only require you to have reasonable grounds for believing you may be exempt in order to file that way with your employer. Pending economic collapse is as good a grounds as any.
  5. Learn to farm. It is unlikely that coming social unrest will disrupt food production. On December 6th, 1941, it was unlikely that Japanese planes would be seen over Hawaii the next day.
  6. Learn to defend yourself, physically, for the same reasons listed above.
  7. Join a church or become more active in your current church. Before there was big government and in regimes that provide only repression and handouts, the church becomes the center of a community living either independently from the state or housing its resistance. If you don’t find one you like right away, don’t give up. Churches were social networking before Face and Book were words in the English language.

I literally can’t wait for the first leftist to call me crazy. Nothing I have told you about their plans and the results are untrue and documentation is readily available. Nothing I have offered as a solution is anything other than sound advice that would work in any economic environment. Be prepared and pay attention to those things which make you independent in all aspects of your life because the time is coming when social institutions will not be capable of providing those functions for you. This is a civil war that is already pitting individualists against collectivists, progressives against conservatives, patriots against socialists, and so on. It is best to be ready when it pits our trusting and dependent qualities against our ability to support ourselves. I have children so I know which side I’m on.

12 Responses to Civil War 2.0

  1. Todd says:

    Yes, things are not shiny at the moment. As for currency, I agree- base it on something. Lead and phosphorous keep their value better than gold.

  2. GregWHoward says:

    Awesome post. Getting this one out to conservatives

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  4. infocyde says:

    Speaking of church, the answer here is Jesus. Without Jesus people in our society are walking spiritual corpses that will absolutely refuse to see the truth, and will be further enslaved to the dark forces that work through politicians to bring about ruin. Only through Jesus will people’s eyes by opened, and then they can and will want to make the changes necessary to save our society. For to long Christians like myself have tried to hammer the left into submission with logic, logic has nothing to do with why they don’t come around. It has everything to do with a hardened heard and spiritual blindness. First we have to witness to them, get them saved, and then they will be able to stand with us to make America great again. Trying to logic with a spiritual corpse about what is coming is the wrong way to go about things.

    I fear that people are starting to actually look forward to a break down in society. I don’t think people in the U.S. on either side of the political spectrum, know how horrible this would be. No one delivers wonder bread when the bullets are flying. Mass starvation, abject poverty, death, disease, other powers taking advantage of our self implosion to wage war on their neighbors unhindered across the globe. I think everyone needs to step back, pray really hard that things don’t come to this, and quit pondering the possibility with almost fondness. You don’t know what horror you secretly, without even realizing it, might be wishing on yourself, your family, and those you love as well as those you don’t. Don’t go there.

  5. Robin Marie says:

    The government is barrowing 40 cents for every dollar it spends NOW. Next year the Baby Boomers will be filing for their entitlements, and this new entitlement will kick in after that. How much more will we be required to spend than what we have in revenue? A lot more that we are spending now. When our debt is so high that it is obvious we can’t pay it back, we will have to live closer to our means. We will hit that point in 5-10 years if not sooner, maybe even as soon as 2012.

    The blogger is right. We will either submit to the global banking lords and forfeit our sovereignty, or live in conditions WORSE than the 1930s. People who “have the right” to housing, food, healthcare, and even cell phones recently… are not going to stand peacefully in soup lines. They won’t beg when they feel they are “entitled.” There will be violence and looting. It won’t be in just one city or one state… My guess is we turn yellow and submit to global governance. Hunger has a way of doing that to people.

    Back in the year 2000, we could have reformed our entitlement programs, eased up them expectations of future handouts. Now we are just growing the expectations. It is no longer “maybe” or “if”, it is “when” and it is goint to be soon.

  6. victoria_29 says:

    I agree with you & my only comment is this. I wish that you would fix it so it is easier to tweet it & put on FB, I try to always do both with your blogs.

    • rdickerhoof says:

      Noted and will try to do so. Do you have particular suggestions toward that end? I don’t do much FB posting but I’m heavy on Twitter, obviously, so I can imagine some of what that would mean.

  7. Oscar says:

    Blindly following Scientology seems equally as logical.
    Equally, this poster brings an interesting message:

  8. Will says:

    “I have children so I know which side I’m on.”

    Well said, Ron.

  9. Deb says:

    all you have to do is have the add-on: Add this. right click and add to twitter, fb etc. i do it all the time…:)

  10. Deb says:

    ps-it’s 10:57 pm and it says my comment was at 3:56am tomorrow…? are you across the pond? lol

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