The Master Race

Unlike some bloggers and amateur pundits, I don’t make any attempt to hide my name. Translated, roughly, Dickerhoof (originally Dickerhof) means “large yard.” This is only entertaining to those whose sense of humor hasn’t progressed past eighth grade because, well, German names sound funny. When I was growing up, it dawned on me at some point that German pride wasn’t really allowed. The Irish had parades, the Italians had festivals, and we had, well, Oktoberfest, a celebration which more Americans equate with beer than German heritage. I never had to ask why this was, though. Germans were, according to the education system, a people devoid of pride because of what they had done to the Jews.

I agreed with that assessment for quite a while. I bought it for so long, in fact, that my heritage is really more of a footnote in my identity than something tangible. I had a question, though. Why, if German heritage was relegated to a condition and Jewish ethnicity was not elevated to a matter of pride in the national consciousness? It’s a religion, it’s a race, and it’s an ethnicity but it’s never been something the Jewish community seemed to broadcast anywhere but in the self-promotion capital of the world in Hollywood.

Historically, the Jews have every right to keep their heads down and who could blame them? From the Old Testament or Torah, call it what you will, we know that the Jews have never been terribly popular with their neighbors. There has been a pattern for at least 4,000 years that, whenever a dictator would come to power and he could find a Jew somewhere on the same continent, he would blame them for whatever his shortcomings produced and promise their destruction. It’s as true today as it was when Moses took a long walk and I don’t think I need to provide much evidence to that effect. All have failed. Where Germans in America are reminded of their fascist failures, Jews should be proud that practically every other race in Europe has tried to kill them and they can’t.

There is a visible disconnect between American and Israeli Jews, though. In trying to understand this, I came up with a crazy theory and it’s one that I’ve gone over in casual conversations for a few years, now. How, if one were so inclined, would you actually create a “master race” as Hitler sought to do with the Aryans? His plan was slow. It would require total military victory over all of Europe and then a number of generations to weed out anything the Nazi eugenicists viewed as a weakness. If you wanted to do it quickly and the number of lives destroyed in this pursuit was no object, here’s a plan:

  1. Pick a race with a history of surviving genocide (this narrows down the field and replaces theory with empirical evidence of survivability )
  2. Gather them in a few central locations
  3. Starve, beat, torture, and otherwise attempt to demoralize every single member of that race and let disease spread in these “ghettos” and “camps”
  4. Take the small percentage of those who survive and nurse them back to health
  5. Take those survivors and put them in an arid piece of land smaller than New Jersey and surrounded by cultures who have sworn to exterminate them.
  6. Watch a successive parade of invasions, attacks, and insurgencies forge the resolve of this race into a weapon of their own defense as powerful as any technology
  7. To keep the heat up, encourage the dissemination of theories that paint their leadership as a conspiratorial cabal bent on world domination through financial manipulation even when their people are almost entirely absent from the organizations that are “responsible.”

That’s the Jews. There’s a reason that Israel has fought two wars called the “Seven Day War” and the “Forty Day War.” It took them less than two months to fight off Syrian and Egyptian invasions and defeat them so badly that at least Egypt thought it would be easier to continue as something of an ally.

So what’s the relevance? America, I believe, does not properly understand what an ally we have in Israel and just how deep the bonds of loyalty are from a people for whom promises are a matter of life and death. We have elected a President who listened to anti-Semitism from his preacher, his professors, and his confidants before bringing a cold shoulder to bear on the Jewish state. With Joe Biden as the errand boy, the Obama Administration won’t “meddle” when Iran promises a nuclear weapon and makes not-so-veiled threats about using it to “wipe Israel off the map.” The President, though, is completely willing to meddle when Israel plays the “dangerous game” of building apartments in their capital city.

Allies are valuable. Allies that know how to persist in the face of a world arrayed against them are invaluable. When the lives of you and your loved ones is on the line, who would be foolish enough to turn their back on the master race?


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