Three Types of Racism in Arizona Debate

Liberals are right. There is racism in the Arizona law meant to enforce immigration laws that the federal government has abandoned by way of apathy. As I see it, there are three distinct ways that this ugly discrimination has manifested:

  1. It is racist to assume that police and other law enforcement officials will discriminate against minorities simply because the cops are white.
  2. It is racist to assume that legislation meant to curb illegal immigration or deport those who have already violated the border of the Sovereign State of Arizona is targeted at Hispanics or any other minority because that assumes minorities are more likely to violate that border.
  3. It is racist to lower the standard for proper immigration so that Hispanics can form a permanent slave underclass, providing cheap labor, shoring up bankrupt liberal entitlement programs, and exchanging social spending promises for votes.

And there you have it. Racism comes in many colors.


2 Responses to Three Types of Racism in Arizona Debate

  1. RoseThistle says:

    And it’s racist for people to think all the law enforcement is white. There are MANY hispanic Americans on the Police Force.

  2. DiAnne says:

    You are totally on target. I am so appalled that people forget that illegal means the law has been broken! I don’t care if everyone has to show i.d.s…if you are not doing something illegal, there is no problem.

    When did we become a country that feels protected the illegal anything is living by the law.


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