Last year, I found a list of all the victims of the 9/11 attacks complete with their ages, hometown, and branch of service (if any). It occurred to me that a memorial on Twitter might be a good idea so I asked for thirty volunteers to take 100 names each and tweet them out. I got the support I needed and we made it a memory worth sharing. Different people used different tags on their tweets and some of us put in a bit more time to add links to remembrance sites specific to each person. I, for example, used the tags #ocra, #tcot (my homes, if you will), and #NeverForget which I asked everyone to use on every tweet.

We’re doing it again this year and I’m asking for a fresh round of volunteers. If you’re interested, you can DM on Twitter or just direct it to me if I’m not following you so that I can get an email address to send a list to. I certainly understand most of us wouldn’t want that in the public timeline. I will also send you a link to this post which contains “THE RULES:”

1. No matter what else you do with the names I give you, remember to include the tag #NeverForget on each one.

2. Don’t start until 9/11. Some people had to start very early. I started when the first plane would have taken off from Boston.

3. I kindly request that you abstain from any confrontational discussion on that day. Obviously I made a bit of a name for myself being a confrontational loud mouth but, on that day, I will not let my desire to “be me” get in the way of what was a beautiful ceremony last year.

4. Some names may overlap lists and some of you may want to tweet your lists a few times. This is fine. Repitition is perfectly within the spirit of the event and you will be RT’ed, anyway…

Again, if you’re interested, DM me your email address and I’ll send you a list with 100 names, one on each line so they’re easy to cut and paste. Thank you all in advance, both our returning volunteers and the new additions.

…Never Forget…


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