From an anonymous Border Patrol Agent

[NOTE: I received this a few days ago. Let’s simply say I will vouch for its authenticity and that is it. The intention of the Border Patrol Agent who sent it to me was that it reach as wide an audience as possible. That is why I am spamming this link, certainly not for my own enrichment – unless someone know how I can make money from being a twitter loud-mouth]

“I am a border patrol agent and veteran assigned to and working in S. East Texas at the busiest Border Patrol station in the country over the last few years and the exact pinnacle of all the recent and ongoing border issues. The news media is reporting and discussing the “drop in the bucket issues” about the unaccompanied alien children (UAC) and leaving the vast, vast majority of the real issues, costs, and problems unreported. For example, issues such as the “family units” being allowed to stay, diseases these family units are carrying out into the country, all the drugs we apprehend, and the regular adults we have to chase down and fight with.

For EVERY UAC there are 20 “family unit” individuals getting released into the country. That point by itself is appalling. The media keeps reporting about the UAC’s when multiples more are being released out into the country costing us so much more. A MAJOR misconception is that most of the UAC’s are being sent to America by their parents for a better life here in The United States. That is completely false. I will repeat, that is completely false. We process and interview every individual we apprehend. Most of the UAC children are coming here to join their parents who are already here in the U.S. illegally and whom they have not seen in 3, 5, and sometimes 10 years. Most of them have been staying with other relatives in their home country.

There is so much more multi-layered information about these topics that the public isn’t being made aware of even though the media is aware of it and sees it first hand. Additionally we as Border Patrol agents are all still out working the lines. Sometimes alone, in the middle of nowhere, out manned, out gunned, in the dark, in the jungles, in the woods, in the hills, in the swamps, we continue to patrol. And in these dark, remote areas we CONSISTENTLY face off against violent felons, gang members, and former South and Central American military members and all the news media shows the public are little kids holding a teddy bear. The cartels and gangs in South and Central America know our assets and manpower along our front lines are thoroughly diminished in order to deal with all of the family units. The smugglers often use these groups as bait or feigns to tie up our man power in order to move the non-family unit adults, felons, high profile individuals, and drugs a little further up the river.

The kids ARE NOT the real issue!! The family units are 20x greater in number and are 20x more expensive to care for! They are getting released into the public (with an immigration court date that none of them will ever show up to) with all their diseases they get from stash houses in Mexico or the holding facilities here. They are processed and released within 3-4 days here and it takes 2 weeks for the diseases’ symptoms to show up. These diseases are being spread over buses, planes, and trains and are heading into schools, playgrounds, restaurants, churches, and so on. These families will join their other families and will be all living in the same house (as they have stated during their interviews) and will be sending 6-8 kids to a school district where the house they live in pays a single family rent which allocates 2 children in the school district. This over crowds the buses, the classrooms, endangers teachers, leads to more drop outs, and rises the violence in the area. Most family units are unwed mothers with multiple children from different dads. Most mothers do not know the name of some of their children’s’ fathers as evidence by the birth certificates they provide for their children. Most show up with no bottles, baby formula, or diapers because they did not being any on the journey from South or Central America. They arrive here and demand these items and hospital visits. The Navy, Coast Guard, FEMA, local hospitals, volunteers, and other agencies are all here on scene working every day just treat the infected. They can’t do anything about the hundreds and thousands who come in every day at every station and get infected but do not show the symptoms for 2 weeks. They are coming to exploit the system and to get everything free. They openly state this to us in interviews and when being processed.

We are the busiest station in the busiest sector of the country, without a close second. So by the math we confront and process 1 out of every couple of these individuals. That is a better sampling pool than any political survey poll. As previously stated, we process and interview every individual we apprehend. That is how we find out so many adults have violent misdemeanors or felonies in this country or their home country. We fingerprint and run record checks on everyone 14 and up. For all these felons, immigration reform would not matter because their criminal history would still disqualify them. None of the information I am providing is opinion. We are at the very front of the line and have direct contact with these illegal immigrants. The notion of all these people coming “hat in hand” is a lie. It is an ignorant lie with no factual basis to support it.

We have captured many, many of the same papers these groups of illegals are issued before they cross into America telling them to say they are scared because of violence, gangs, and poverty. Yet they are heading to big cities with high crime rates. They speak no English, have no money, no education, and will be living in the cities here with high violence, gang activity, and poverty.

Other Homeland Security agencies such as Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) make thousands of immigrants legal permanent residents and naturalize thousands of people every week. People from the same impoverished countries with the same fears are paying the fees, submitting the paperwork, and waiting their turn. This is happening by the thousands every week so it clearly works. And USCIS generates money and profit for our government, it does not require billions more to give away.

No one asks for a job or where to find work. No one. Most adults ask the same 2 questions: “How long will this process take before I am released?” and “Where do I sign up for the monthly money?” When we ask “What monthly money?” the response is the same: “my brother/sister/aunt/uncle came here illegally too and they get welfare money from the state and government every month.” This is disheartening to us all. So many states’ welfare funds are already out of money for their own legal permanent residents or citizens. Social Security is in jeopardy and many, many of those receiving social security paid into that system. The military budget has been diminished again and these illegal immigrants receive state and federal assistance.

We have legal authority to remove these family units and kids. We do not need 3.7 billion dollars. We need to be authorized to immediately expedite the removal of the illegal immigrants and save all of that money not going directly to the building and developing border defense.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has gun boats with multiple M-240 Bravo heavy machine gun turrets mounted. The Border Patrol (the frontline of America’s defense) does not. We carry M4’s, sub-machine guns, shot guns, pepper ball guns, and pistols. The cartels across the river carry AK-47’s, AK-74’s and belt fed heavy machine guns like PKM’s and RPK’s. When our boats or agents get stranded, our federal agency in Homeland Security has to call a state agency to come rescue us. Our helicopters and boats are only armed with small arms that the crew is carrying. There are no heavy, mounted weapons to save us in an emergency. With all the violence and corruption in many, many South and Central American countries we have seen wave after wave of ex military, gang, and cartel members flooding across our borders when we apprehend d them and run their records checks. Whenever there is a turn over or power struggle and new bad people take over the previous bad people evacuate and try to enter the U.S. to escape the violence and the retribution for the crimes they themselves committed. And that is who face out in the darkness in the middle of nowhere.

Thank you for your time and assistance regarding these matters. As always, our watch continues.

Please respond for further information. Again, I ask that you please any and all identifying information (name, email, phone #) private and simply report this as “anonymous” phone call from a “Border Patrol Agent”.


One Response to From an anonymous Border Patrol Agent

  1. Rocky says:

    To make the situation even worse, those who do work send lots of cash back to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc – “my country”, we are often reminded, taking that money out of the US economy. Remittances, as they are called, make up a sizable chunk of the GNP of those countries – it’s 10% for Guatemala, for example

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