What May 4th Means

May 4, 2010

“Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

There are matters of policy and there are matters of decency. Agree or not with the Vietnam War or President Obama’s “radicalism on rails,” Americans of all stripes cherish the right to civil and open dissent. There is something altogether sinister, then, to the American spirit when the powerful remove conversation from the shaping of the country’s direction by answering words with force. Forty years ago, today, Ohio Guardsmen shot into a crowd of Vietnam War protesters on the campus of Kent State University, not ten miles from my house, killing four, wounding nine, and ending any notion that civility would trump amoral ambition.

I don’t blame the Guardsmen. I have trouble fixing an inordinate amount of blame on President Nixon, either. Some witnesses testify to harassment of the young men in uniform, some as young as eighteen, surrounded by a sea of angry faces and having balloons popped near them to keep them on edge. Nixon, in continuing a war started by his political rival Kennedy and continued by his predecessor, Johnson, was attempting to manage what he knew was a bad situation. The drumbeat that turned “suits” against “long-hairs” had been coming from the media for quite some time. The names you know and connect to Kent State have the blame for their individual parts. The responsibility for the storm, though, falls heavily on the media and their rain dance.

What do we learn? If we fail to absorb the tragedy, we’re setting ourselves up for another one. Conservatives and libertarians have taken the mantle from the peaceful left that comprised the bulk of the protesters at Kent State. Nearly every day in this country, a Tea Party serves as a place where people gather to protest big government, closed-door deals, and oppression. In other words, while the targets have changed, the critique is very much the same. It’s no accident that you’ll find people who protested Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia 4o years ago carrying signs to protest Obama’s bureaucratic overreach, today.

What has changed and become, in many ways, much more insidious is that the media is no longer at odds with our would-be masters. Instead of stirring up tensions between Nixon’s “silent majority” and hippies, the mainstream media is now carrying the President’s water in demonizing dissent and amplifying the “post-partisan” divider-in-chief’s calls to violence. When Obama says “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun” or “punch back twice as hard,” the media excuses his rhetoric. When Homeland Security calls defenders of the constitution and pro-life demonstrators potential terrorists or the military trains to deal with Tea Parties, they are silent. In a world where objective reporting is impossible, those excuse the instigators are accomplices. There is no better evidence of this culpability than how the left has adopted the language and stance of the administration. Notice they’re not planning to question those corporate dollars they complain about fueling the protests (still waiting for my check) but instead they plan to “crash the tea party.”

The events of May 4th, 1970, may have done much to turn the tide of the national discourse on the Vietnam War. Not long after, Nixon began to draw down the conflict before soon calling for total withdrawal. In much the same way, the Obama administration is one tragedy away from having to hem in the failed “war on poverty.” With a complicit media to run cover for the White House and “rebel left” being a sad joke, anymore, there are few guarantees as to how such an incident would play out. With Oath Keepers in practically every military unit we have, there are few guarantees that even a direct order to shoot Tea Partiers would be followed. Nonetheless, even victory over religion of the state would not wash away the blood that our President is edging closer to drawing.

Stay strong, keep the volume up, and pray for both our victory and safety. To borrow from another song of the era, “I hope Neil Young will remember…” that with God we are never “on our own.”


The Master Race

April 8, 2010

Unlike some bloggers and amateur pundits, I don’t make any attempt to hide my name. Translated, roughly, Dickerhoof (originally Dickerhof) means “large yard.” This is only entertaining to those whose sense of humor hasn’t progressed past eighth grade because, well, German names sound funny. When I was growing up, it dawned on me at some point that German pride wasn’t really allowed. The Irish had parades, the Italians had festivals, and we had, well, Oktoberfest, a celebration which more Americans equate with beer than German heritage. I never had to ask why this was, though. Germans were, according to the education system, a people devoid of pride because of what they had done to the Jews.

I agreed with that assessment for quite a while. I bought it for so long, in fact, that my heritage is really more of a footnote in my identity than something tangible. I had a question, though. Why, if German heritage was relegated to a condition and Jewish ethnicity was not elevated to a matter of pride in the national consciousness? It’s a religion, it’s a race, and it’s an ethnicity but it’s never been something the Jewish community seemed to broadcast anywhere but in the self-promotion capital of the world in Hollywood.

Historically, the Jews have every right to keep their heads down and who could blame them? From the Old Testament or Torah, call it what you will, we know that the Jews have never been terribly popular with their neighbors. There has been a pattern for at least 4,000 years that, whenever a dictator would come to power and he could find a Jew somewhere on the same continent, he would blame them for whatever his shortcomings produced and promise their destruction. It’s as true today as it was when Moses took a long walk and I don’t think I need to provide much evidence to that effect. All have failed. Where Germans in America are reminded of their fascist failures, Jews should be proud that practically every other race in Europe has tried to kill them and they can’t.

There is a visible disconnect between American and Israeli Jews, though. In trying to understand this, I came up with a crazy theory and it’s one that I’ve gone over in casual conversations for a few years, now. How, if one were so inclined, would you actually create a “master race” as Hitler sought to do with the Aryans? His plan was slow. It would require total military victory over all of Europe and then a number of generations to weed out anything the Nazi eugenicists viewed as a weakness. If you wanted to do it quickly and the number of lives destroyed in this pursuit was no object, here’s a plan:

  1. Pick a race with a history of surviving genocide (this narrows down the field and replaces theory with empirical evidence of survivability )
  2. Gather them in a few central locations
  3. Starve, beat, torture, and otherwise attempt to demoralize every single member of that race and let disease spread in these “ghettos” and “camps”
  4. Take the small percentage of those who survive and nurse them back to health
  5. Take those survivors and put them in an arid piece of land smaller than New Jersey and surrounded by cultures who have sworn to exterminate them.
  6. Watch a successive parade of invasions, attacks, and insurgencies forge the resolve of this race into a weapon of their own defense as powerful as any technology
  7. To keep the heat up, encourage the dissemination of theories that paint their leadership as a conspiratorial cabal bent on world domination through financial manipulation even when their people are almost entirely absent from the organizations that are “responsible.”

That’s the Jews. There’s a reason that Israel has fought two wars called the “Seven Day War” and the “Forty Day War.” It took them less than two months to fight off Syrian and Egyptian invasions and defeat them so badly that at least Egypt thought it would be easier to continue as something of an ally.

So what’s the relevance? America, I believe, does not properly understand what an ally we have in Israel and just how deep the bonds of loyalty are from a people for whom promises are a matter of life and death. We have elected a President who listened to anti-Semitism from his preacher, his professors, and his confidants before bringing a cold shoulder to bear on the Jewish state. With Joe Biden as the errand boy, the Obama Administration won’t “meddle” when Iran promises a nuclear weapon and makes not-so-veiled threats about using it to “wipe Israel off the map.” The President, though, is completely willing to meddle when Israel plays the “dangerous game” of building apartments in their capital city.

Allies are valuable. Allies that know how to persist in the face of a world arrayed against them are invaluable. When the lives of you and your loved ones is on the line, who would be foolish enough to turn their back on the master race?

Data Points of a Nameless Conspiracy

September 30, 2009

This part three of The Fractal Conspiracy Theory series

I started off with a simple question: Could there be a global conspiracy of significant historical length with no mastermind or stated agenda? You should easily be able to tell what I think the answer to that question is but simply asking it has given me a way to read through conspiracy theories with a new eye. Consider, if you will, the “truthers.” This is a name associated with the those who believe the terrorist attacks of 9/11/09 were an “inside job.” In other words, truthers believe the US government planned and carried out the destruction of the World Trade Center and the damage at the Pentagon. The exact theory has many variations. I find all of them to be lacking and most likely false. My assertion, though, rests on a very simple logical evaluation: a conspiracy in this case is unnecessary. These attacks were not deliberately staged, I believe, because Occam’s Razor says so and there’s a much better explanation: The Fractal Conspiracy.

In previous articles in this series, I’ve talked a bit about Yuri Bezmenov, and ex-KGB defector whose primary claim was that the KGB spent 85% of its budget on “ideological subversion:” the idea that a country is most easily weakened from within by subverting its press, educational system, and in general by infiltration and indoctrination. If the USSR was steering this ship, perhaps the captain is dead and the course is set, the goal would ultimately be to weaken the Unites States of America to Soviet influence and eventually a bloodless, communist revolution. Nonetheless, we see more evidence of this technique this week as videos are released of school children singing praises to President Obama in the tunes of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “Jesus Loves Me.” But it’s also extremely well-documented that the KGB played a large financial and administrative role in the formation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Iranian “revolution” of 1979, and in many other parts of the Arab world prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, real or otherwise. So why would you even need a conspiracy to convince 19 Islamo-fascists to fly planes into American symbols of wealth and power? Well, you wouldn’t. Why would you need to set explosives in the World Trade Center and Pentagon when large passenger planes were capable of doing such damage and there were terrorists who boarded these planes with every intent of dying for their religion? You wouldn’t need to. The Fractal Conspiracy was guiding them all along. (Note: while the Soviet motive in doing this was not genuinely Islamic critique of Western peoples, the hate is no less real and there is plenty reason to defend ourselves.)

In the article in this series prior to this one, “Fractal Opposition Technique,” I laid out a case for a big part of the pattern being a continual series of oppositions built up both between and within nations for the purpose of continually distracting the world’s people and “leaving the back door open,” so to speak. Not only does this constant drumbeat of opposition play a role in keeping our eyes off of the wealth of our nations, but it also provides another mechanism for gathering a nation’s currency in a strong central government. The Fractal Conspiracy tends to create hatred so great for opposition of powerful nations that secret groups will make their own plans for terrible acts without any formal call to action. There are other great examples of this throughout history. Consider the admittedly staged destruction of the USS Maine to spur on the Spanish-American War. Arguably, a Russian spy ended up in a London Hospital obviously poisoned and dying of brain cancer because he planned to expose a cover-up of the now Russian Federation’s bombing of one of its own apartment complexes to provide justification for the invasion of oil-rich Chechnya. If you look at any such conspiracy theory in the framework of history, the data produces itself. Strip away the false divisions I talked about in the last article and you’re left with fantastic data that describes the Fractal Conspiracy.

I’ll explain further: In the theories I’ve just mentioned, the commonality is a hate of another group of people that is funded by intelligence of a foreign power and then allowed to foster on common news stories. Whether explicitly involved or not, the news media’s constant attention to conflict between groups allows for this hatred to be nurtured without constant instruction or a central plan. When one of these groups becomes so consumed by hatred and convinced that physical attack is their best means of expression, they will attack a symbolic target of their opposition in a way that is so horrifying as to compel their target group to respond with even greater force. If the two groups have a vastly different amount of power, you get the total military destruction of Iraq or Chechnya. If the two groups are similar in power and military strength, you get the constant conflict and misery of the Middle East. Either way, the masses and the governments behind them will sacrifice liberty and wealth to strong central control and demand the purchase of weapons. Either way, the Fractal Conspiracy wins.

Let’s look at some contemporary conspiracy theories with the same eye:

H1N1 Vaccine – Some citizens are concerned that the government will make the use of the formerly-named “swine flu” vaccine mandatory and will use RFID tags to track those who have taken it. This is especially frightening to Christians because, in the Book of Revelations, the mark of the beast is written on either the right hand or the forehead and that’s exactly where the locator bracelet is going to go. Analysis: those who favor mandatory vaccinations and tracking do so because they have been convinced by corporate health representatives and the World Health Organization that H1N1 represents a global pandemic that will kill potentially billions if unchecked. Those who oppose mandatory vaccinations do so because they claim (correctly, in my opinion) that it is relatively untested, might kill more people than the flu itself like it did in the 1970s, and tracking is an unnecessary breach of liberty. Conclusion: International financiers like George Soros are putting billions of dollars into biotech stocks pushing the pandemic scare and opposition to the vaccine is making it easy to identify those who oppose the Fractal Conspiracy in at least one way.

Obama’s Internal Police Force – Barack Obama made it a campaign promise that he would build a civilian army at least as well-funded as the current military. As President, he signed the GIVE Act that would lay a foundation for a large organization that would either be a part or in the model of AmeriCorps. Analysis: Those who favor such an organization point out that it will be capable of doing large amounts of good by spreading “volunteerism” (in quotes because paid activism doesn’t fit the definition, in my opinion) and effecting social change. Opponents stress first that, even if such an organization is entirely based on good intentions, it is nonetheless a completely extra-constitutional arrangement that serves to further disseminate the political views of its founding ideology. Second, even if the motives of those who desire such a force are perfectly noble, it could be a powerful weapon in the hands of a less-principle group of successors as a sort of domestic privacy-violation machine with millions of eyes and the potential to become militarized. Conclusion: Germany, modern Russia, and other historical examples prove that large, domestic groups with a seemingly noble foundation can be tools of internal division and are often hijacked by demagogues. The Fractal Conspiracy operates on internally dividing the hegemonic winners of extra-national conflicts after their victory becomes clear.

The New World Order – George H. W. Bush became the first leader of a Western democracy to endorse the idea that the coming decades would bring about the (positive) alignment of major powers with a single economic and political body. The United Nations is typically the seat of political power in these theories and the G-20 (formerly G-8, formerly G-7) will usurp the economic sovereignty of member nations. Analysis: While it is undeniable that the United States of America is ceding more and more power to international bodies like the United Nations, the G-20, and the North American Union, proponents say that such a future is inevitable in an age where you can be physically anywhere in the world in less than a day and communication infrastructure makes the virtual time less than a second. Opponents point out that this often comes at a cost to individual and national liberty, that it is often in direct conflict with founding documents like the Constitution, and this “eventuality” points in many religions to the “end times” or the beginning of a similarly terrible conflict. Conclusion: There is absolutely no conspiracy necessary to explain globalism but the motive for it is the ultimate expression of the Fractal Conspiracy in many ways. It provides a foil to liberty-minded people the world over and a false umbrella under which conflict will continue just as it has with the United Nations. The New World Order will simply be another way to collect wealth in a central place so that is easier to process into the hands of the Fractal Conspiracy’s true benefactors.

In all of these examples, political agenda of one group creates such fear and opposition in a group of people that they will inevitably form their own secret cabals and plans for dealing with them. The formation of these groups will become known to their opposition who will do the same. It is important that the modern “mother of all conspiracy theories,” the 9/11 truther movement, is perhaps the best example of this. Soviet nudging by the KGB inspired a hatred of America that was fed by US involvement in the Middle East. Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda were formed to deal with the perceived threat of American culture and influence threatening Islam. Established “conservative” (again in quotes because their purpose is counter to the philosophy) cabals like the Skull and Bones produced members that reacted predictably to terrorist violence and groups formed that were counter to their perceived internal threat like the Soros-funded Moveon.org. The cycle repeats itself at every level, like a fractal. The Fractal Conspiracy requires division within divisions within divisions. In this way, a populace in constant conflict is ripe for the exploitation of those who see the bigger picture and profit from it, giving them no reason to expose this headless snake if they do not possess the ethical fortitude to do so.

The data points tell us that The Fractal Conspiracy is defined by a rather simple formula: greed for the wealth of nations transferred to a learned few who recognize the false divisions they help to foster and justified by the idea that their vision of humanity is superior to those they subjugate. Like all fractals, the staggering complexity of patterns within patterns represented as fourth-dimensional graphic phenomenon, this conspiracy with no mastermind is simply defined by a formula of a common ideology that is every bit as twisted as its results. Death and conflict are not enemies of the Fractal Conspiracy who sees them as parts of human nature, inseparable from human history, and ultimately a way to profit by collecting the wealth and other liberties of those who are not as “enlightened” as they are.

Few have been as daring as science-fiction author H.G. Wells in describing the central formula of the Fractal Conspiracy. His writings about the “open conspiracy” of the “New World Order” illustrate the base arrogance of the idea in a way that gives me pause. I wonder if Wells intended to provide the masses a backdoor method for educating themselves on the greatest heist in history or if this was a genuine slip of a man so arrogantly involved in the process that he was not worried that his writings would be reviewed and called what they were. He described the ideology which he claimed as his own that it was unnecessary to keep such plans to himself. He called for socialism as a means to control the distribution of wealth and also as a way to prevent such liberties that would ultimately lead the expression of discontent with that system and its collapse. To do so, he sought to inform the like-minded that these goals were best accomplished by creating an endless dictatorship within the capitalist Western powers of bureaucracies which usurped the power of publically elected officials and replaced it with lifetime appointments that ruled by the decree of regulation. In this way, the populace would lose their will to fight a behemoth government that constantly filtered the wealth of the creative masses to their baron-masters who could use the tools of the state and a complicit media to drown out any threat to this coup from within. Thanks in large part to thinkers like Wells, the Fractal Conspiracy now had an end-game with no end. In fact, if I’m correct and the Fractal Conspiracy is a simple collection of disastrous beliefs, Wells provided the closest thing it has to a mastermind: a paternalist vision of central order through control that is amorphous, powerful unlike any social mechanism in history, and capable of losing any one of its heads to respond with ten more.

If I’m right, we’d expect the Fractal Conspiracy to produce smaller versions of this idea in society that we can observe having each of those effects. Like the game of telephone, the original message will be a bit scrambled, it won’t exactly fit our definitions, but, like a fractal, the pattern will be unmistakably clear. We’ll owe a great debt of gratitude to Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe, and Hanna Giles if this is the turning point in history where the Fractal Conspiracy is exposed and defeated. Their work in exposing corruption around the Obama White House has so far brought the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts), ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), and their unwitting allies in the major media squarely into view. Non-governmental groups like ACORN and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) are partnering with Executive-branch powers to take taxpayer money and use it so support a common political agenda of liberal/progressive expansion of federal powers. Not reliant on the media, alone, the White House has also sought the help of the NEA to support propaganda in the guise of art, again with taxpayer money. When ACORN was exposed as an organization that would almost uniformly, in any of its offices, offer tax help to launder money from an underage sex-slave-trade operation into a like-minded political campaign, the Census broke ties with them, Congress passed legislation to defund them, and the IRS began an investigation. But, low and behold, they shifted the financial focus to their sister organization, the SEIU, and Breitbart’s biggovernment.com has found that FEMA money for such non-related tasks as fire control and prevention is being given to ACORN. The pattern is complex and it will, over time, become so prevalent that stopping it seems like a tireless battle. The Fractal Conspiracy exists within the framework of these organizations and the same rules apply. There is no such thing as corruption if you believe that your task is so important that the ends justify the means. There is no such thing as corruption if you believe you are opposed by powerful groups that you simply must defeat and the media provides people in groups like ACORN with foils like Freedomworks and the “angry, evil mob” spurred on by “corporate shills” like “the racist Glenn Beck” and “greedy Republicans. All the while, ACORN, SEIU, and the White House are simply making it easier for the real thieves of the Fractal Conspiracy to steal the wealth of the United States.

As a quick note, yes, the disinformation techniques of the Fractal Conspiracy do extend down to the true-believers who aren’t on the take. Just like Van Jones, President Obama’s “Green Czar,” admitted truther, and communist, took on Glenn Beck through colorofchange.org under the false pretense of racism, Twitter is a great place to observe the hateful disinformation on a personal level. I am called a racist on a daily basis which is somewhat ridiculous for this father of two biracial children. I have been accused of being “a racist who did jail time for beating up Hispanics in Ohio,” another baseless charge counteracted by a simple criminal records search. Most recently, an angry, self-described “liberal” twitterer took offense to my challenge of her open challenge to be debated. A day later, she called a manager in another department of the division I work in. Thankfully, Twitter does log these conversations. When she told the manager that I had referenced “sex with animals,” I showed my reply to her that her partisan bleating reminded me of the quote “four legs good, two legs baaaad,” from Orwell’s Animal Farm. When I challenged that her unemployment was a result of bad economic policy by the current administration, she answered by saying that next I would make fun of the illness and death of her family members. She repeated this charge to the manager as if I had said it. Again, these things are logged. (Note: upon review, the user has protected and erased some of her more damning tweets but you can see them all by searching twitter for “rdickerhoof nakedaxiom“) The Fractal formula transmits its way down through the behavior of the individual’s perceived leader. I have responded previously to charges by Nancy Pelosi that conservatives are “astroturf” “paid activists” and the White House’s call for you to report your neighbor for talking with them and disagreeing with the Administration’s assessment of their claims. The formula, in other words, needs no hardened infrastructure to be transmitted and ideological blindness can cause one to perpetuate it even without a personal share of the fiat-cash cow.

There is a belief in some Christian sects that to name a disease gives it power. This is why they seek to avoid doctors and favor the use of prayer. I believe that God gave us the gift of language and that naming a disease gives those who wish to cure it a common framework for discussing both successful and unsuccessful techniques. I have now given you the central formula is what I have chosen to call “The Fractal Conspiracy.” I do this, not because I wish to give it power, but because we need a way to discuss a strategy that we find in every secret group and allied secretive societies that exist in every government and every segment of society that deals with the transfer and distribution of wealth. A fiat currency allows these movements to be free from any solid validation of their actual worth and instead to operate above anything approaching a sensible, objective set of countermeasures. Hence, the Fractal Conspiracy is the only name I can find that fits. If there is no mastermind and no single document that describes this phenomenon, I will do so. I gave a speech this last weekend (links: video, somewhat non-matching text) in which I told an audience of libertarian-minded constitutionalists, many of whom were affiliated with various Tea Party groups, that anti-capitalist protestors at the Pittsburgh G-20 summit were actually protesting the same thing but most likely had a negative opinion of Tea Parties. In documenting my theory of the Fractal Conspiracy, I hope to give a rallying cry that talks around the false divisions we’ve been indoctrinated with by our would-be masters. People like Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles along with blogger and writer Michelle Malkin (links: blog, book Culture of Corruption) describe the heads of it as they appear. If we are to defeat the Fractal Conspiracy, we must also know it by its pattern so that we are ready to recognize the ten heads that appear to replace lost faces like ACORN and give them a similar fate. We must collect and share data and I hope this gives you a way to give that data some meaning.

The next article will be entitled “How to Steal Everything: The Greatest Heist Ever.” Names will be named.

(Other articles in the series:”The Fractal Conspiracy Theory” “Fractal Opposition Technique” “Please Warn China” “How to Steal Everything: The Greatest Heist Ever” ““Ending the Theft of History”)

My Pledge

September 3, 2009

If you have kids, you may consider taking a “family day” and keeping them out of school on September the 8th. President Obama plans to address all schools, basically requiring them to broadcast an address and possibly a video that echoes the kind of blind obedience demanded by the likes of Kim Jong-Il, Hugh Chavez, and leftist fascists past and present. The video’s theme is a “pledge” to help the President with a pantheon of the usual suspects of Hollywood leftists. It’s a slick campaign to turn youth against older generations who are opposing “change” with greater intensity. I have a different pledge you might want to share with your children:

I pledge to give my children a life of liberty as envisioned by our founders, endowed to us by our Creator, and guaranteed by the Constitution as my parents did no less for me.

I pledge to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic, including politicians who would remake our Republic in their own image. I pledge allegience to no man.

I pledge to defend the right of free speech and assembly. No person or group has the right to threaten the 1st Amendment by asking Americans to report each other or spending taxpayer money to track those who oppose a narrow and bigoted political ideology. In fact, I pledge to continue to speak my mind on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else I please.

I pledge to defend the 2nd Amendment against all challenges. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” speaks for itself.

I pledge to oppose any effort by any man to turn generations against each other for greed or cheap political gain.

I pledge to defend the right of the people to engage in free trade with each other no matter what good it is being exchanged, be it health services, energy, or any other commodity.

I pledge to defend the right as espoused by the founders and echoed by Abraham Lincoln that all free people should be allowed to share in the fruits of their own labor without undue taxation by an increasingly intrusive, corrupt, and ubiquitious federal government.

I pledge that, as America is the greatest country in the history of earth, I will not sit idly by while its foundations are attacked by those who tell one crowd that they are patriots and another that they are bitter.

And last but certainly not least…

I pledge allegience to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.